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1 Jahr NSU Prozess

Posted by June 11, 2014

BigBrotherAwards 2014

Posted by June 7, 2014

lazlo labs @ hardware berlin meetup 2

Posted by July 29, 2013

I  will be at Hardware Berlin Meetup 2 with the lzoDSO prototype, on the 5th. See

lzoDSO frontpanel button fix

Posted by July 19, 2013


Yeah! Finally I managed to print the mechanical bugfix for my oscilloscope project. In the end the print took only 20 min. for this 45x11x7mm thingy that will be used to extend the length of the push-button switches. The excess visible on the picture is sort of a hazard. Took me longer to postprocess this thing than printing it. Worst part of it was to remove the thing from the super sticky printing bed in the first place (the blue tape on the photo of the previous post).

My first 3D print… in progress

Posted by July 17, 2013


America, America: Land of the Free … Police State

Posted by July 12, 2013