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lzoDSO – prototype demo

Posted by May 15, 2013

Demonstrates the (currently limited) capabilities of the lazlo labs digital storage oscilloscope (lzoDSO) prototype. The test probe of the scope is connected to a timer circuit in mono-stable astable configuration so that it produces a more or less defined test signal. There is also a test signal source inside the scope that we need integrate into the firmare to get it working.

Uses an ATmega644 at 16 MHz and the internal 10-bit A/D converter (only using 8 bits).

See the lzoDSO project page for more at labs.lazlo.de/trac/lzodso.

Got my first scope!

Posted by May 3, 2013

A friend of mine lend me a HP 54600A (100 MHz dual channel) and I’m so happy and confident that having such a tool will help me to better understand the some electrical effects that are still mysteries to me.

Thank you tec!


Processing LHC Data

Posted by April 23, 2013