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New Systems Engineering book : )

Posted by June 12, 2013

9781463777357-Modern_Methods_of_Systems_EngineeringReceived a copy of the “Modern Methods of Systems Engineering” book, published in 2011.

This is what the abstract has to say:

Modern Methods of System Engineering reviews the fundamentals of systems engineering and show how these fundamentals can be integrated with model and pattern based methods to achieve reuse of systems engineering as well as reuse of hardware and software designs. This both shortens the time required for the systems engineering work and increases the quality of the systems engineering necessary for design and development of modern complex systems. The methods and tools presented are complementary to the DoD Systems Engineering Fundamentals, the NASA System Engineering Handbook and the ICOSE System Engineering Handbook.

Exercises are includes so that the book is a guide to self-training for engineers new to systems engineering and to experienced systems engineers wanting to learn new and better methods.

Hope it will help me find my ways into the systems engineering field.

Reading “Test-Driven Development for Embedded C”

Posted by May 8, 2011

jgadeThursday this week I received my copy of “Test-Driven Development for Embedded C” by James W. Grenning. This was just the book I have been looking for months. I had the problem of developing a micro controller firmware in C but without tests. The reasons I had not started the project in a “test first” fashion were too many. Questions like “how do I test code that needs the hardware to run” as well as the limitations of only using free and open source software were and still are barriers I hope this book will help me overcome.