Working Class Hero

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Captain Snowden gegen NSA, BND und für eine Welt ohne Geheimdienste?

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NSA Untersuchungsausschuss

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Nuttx on Linux

Posted by April 2, 2014

If you are also working with Nuttx, you will love the “sim” configuration. It will allow running a minimal version of Nuttx as a regular program on a linux machine (assuming 86x_64).

Before getting the sources and building anything you will need the 32-bit version of the GCC and the following libraries that can be installed like this:

sudo apt-get install -y gcc-multilib libc6-dev-i386 lib32z1-dev

After installing there is a final thing you need to fix on your own (see this launchpad ticket)

sudo ln -s /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/zconf.h /usr/include

Now get the Nuttx sources using git like this:

git clone nuttx.git

First thing after getting the sources is to run the configure script (a bit different from the well known ./configure) to setup the build directory for the target hardware. In our case the target will be the native machine for which the “sim” configuration has been created (see nuttx/configs/sim).

To configure the build setup for target “sim” with “nsh” as the application to run on start, run:

cd nuttx.git/nuttx/tools
./ sim/nsh
cd ..

Last step before building is the configure the image. This is done by calling

make menuconfig

There is at least one setting that needs to be enabled:

– System Type —> [*] Build 32-bit simulation on 64-bit machine

You are now ready to build the image


If there was no problem during the build you will find a “nuttx” file in the same directory. Just run it and you will see the NSH prompt.


Weezer – Buddy Holly


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lazlo labs @ hardware berlin meetup 2

Posted by July 29, 2013

I  will be at Hardware Berlin Meetup 2 with the lzoDSO prototype, on the 5th. See

Tutorial on Microwave and mm-Wave Components and Modules

Posted by July 29, 2013

Counter Project

Posted by July 20, 2013


Project page in the labs wiki

lzoDSO frontpanel button fix

Posted by July 19, 2013


Yeah! Finally I managed to print the mechanical bugfix for my oscilloscope project. In the end the print took only 20 min. for this 45x11x7mm thingy that will be used to extend the length of the push-button switches. The excess visible on the picture is sort of a hazard. Took me longer to postprocess this thing than printing it. Worst part of it was to remove the thing from the super sticky printing bed in the first place (the blue tape on the photo of the previous post).