Funny smoke

Posted by May 22, 2013

Just burned a 10K poti … I hate when that happens, which is somehow discouraging.

I was trying to replicate my own NE555 timer circuit (see wiki page) on a breadboard. This circuit will be the central piece of a signal/function generator I’m building.

For now it is simply an oscillator, but  I will add a circuit which will convert the oscillator signal to different wave forms (sinus, triangle, saw tooth). Later on I’ll also add a micro controller to be able to have the device controlled using a serial interface or USB and give it a display and some keys.

I have already drawn a schematic and worked on a board layout, even though the thing is not totally finished. So, if you are interested, checkout the schematic and layout files from this directory in the labs repository (there is also a wiki page but its content is in a draft state).

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