PPD file for Lexmark E330

During last week my new (refurbished) Lexmark E330 monochrome laser printer arrived (for 20€!!! – got it from some reseller at amazon). Before I chose the printer I took care of making sure it supports PCL (of which I thought will raise the chances of having proper support for CUPS and hence Linux). After printing a first test page with the “Generic PCL Laser Printer” driver I started looking for a “real” E330 PCL driver (no, CUPS does not come with a PPD for the E330). So I checked the Lexmark page and was surprised they also had other drivers than for Windows. Anyway I downloaded the Windows driver (since I was looking for the PPD which is usually included in some way or another in those setup.exe files those companies usually supply in order to set up their printers under Windows). I think I downloaded like five or more files but they where not very helpful. Day later, almost sure to be stuck with the default PCL driver I had another look at the CUPS page where I downloaded a PPD file for a E323 (which is supported) only to figure out if it might give me some clue for what strings to search for in order to find the correct file. I ended up looking for “PPD File for Lexmark E330” … and found exactly 1 match – this page. Looks just like a PPD file for the E330. Took me a run of “copy&past into new file, add new printer, select PPD file, print test page” to be very happy with my new laser. Now the test page looks just as you would expect it to be.