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Ubuntu 12.04 Sucks!!1!

This has not happend in a long time. After about four months of using Ubuntu 12.04 I have decided to reinstall Ubuntu 11.04 on my Thinkpad. The reason is not system stability but the desktop expirience with Unity and the latest Gnome. Further more lots of packages are in unusable state like me-tv and binutils for AVR, the panel and its applets (like the always crashing weather indicator). Sadly I have to state that the general tendency of Ubuntu development has been going from good, to bad and then to worse … which is not what I have expirienced in the years before. I have been using Linux for the last 10 years and am not willing to change to anything else like BSD or Solaris. Even switching to Debian is not an option for me. So my conclusion of reinstalling Ubuntu 11.04 which is one of the most stable and complete Ubuntu releases so far is my only hope right now.